I believe that we are in the seal period of Revelation. I believe the four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding today. Seal five is an image of Christian persecution and it can't get much worse than it is today in Egypt and Syria. Seal six brings a big earthquake from the throne of God. I am praying that this earthquake will destroy the Muslim Mosque and allow Israel to build her temple.

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Noah Movie

What do I think of it?

Noah Movie

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A Book like no other
"Apocalyptic Tremors"

Find Hope in the Revelation
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We have already entered the Seal Period.
The four horsemen are riding today.
Today is characterized by deceitful leaders, famine, Islamic Terrorism, death, persecution.

Read all about in "Apocalyptic Tremors"

The Harvest Rapture?

Harvest Rapture

Details Here


Contemporary Issues

Faith Under Fire

Part 1: There are many antichrist spirits in our world today that are trying to rid the world of the idea of “faith” by saying that ‘faith is irrational: throw it away and start over.’ These antichrist spirits include atheism, selfism, science, false prophets, anti-Semitism, and more.
What is wrong with these voices?

Part II: What is the Focus of our Faith?

Part III: How does our rational faith Develop?

Part IV: What are the wrappings and trappings of Christian faith? What is fanaticism?

What is New?:

The Veil of the Temple is Rent in Twain. What does it mean for you and me?


Fear the Lord

What Does it Mean to "Fear the Lord". There are six lessons which follow each other: 1. Part One Fear in the Old Testament

2. The Reverential Fear of God in the Old Testament and their Results
3. Solomon's Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord.

4. The Fear of the Lord in the N.T. The Fear of the Lord and Jesus. In Jesus' day. In the early church.

5. The character of Heart for the Man who Fears the Lord. The wake up fear. Spiritual Growth and the fear of the Lord. N.T.

6. Fear of the Lord in the New Testament - Conclusion. Wake up calls and the end of time. Comparison between the Old Testament and New Testament.


Is Islam the Antichrist? Go Here


An Essay for Mom
Who brought me up Anglican
On the gospel of the Kingdom of God
Explanation of Church




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